Simplest Alarm-clock Ever



Are you looking for a really easy to use alarm-clock without lots of buttons and knobs? Look no more, you've found it!

*** There are no ads, it's completely FREE ***
*** No internet access, no tracking, the NSA won't know when you got up ***
*** The alarm clock that requires the least permissions ***
*** Choose your own alarm sound ***

Have you ever had an alarm-clock not going off? Do the following exclamations sound familiar to you?

- "Drat, I set the wrong weekday!"
- "Oh no, the volume was too low. I didn't hear. I DIDN'T HEAR!!"
- "I confused am/pm. Rats!"
- "I FORGOT TO ACTIVATE! I didn't see that tiny stupid check-mark."

'Simplest Alarm-clock ever' addresses all these issues and re-imagines the way your smartphone wakes you up:
Finally, there is a simple-to-use alarm clock for Android phones!

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