Siren Sounds



Real High Quality Siren Sound Effects for your Phone!

Get the best siren sound effects on the market!

Siren Sounds has different sirens that you can play continuously until stopped. You can even play multiple sirens at the same time! Prank your friends or family, or just annoy them! You can even save sounds as Ringtones or Notifications!

- Super High Quality siren Sound Effects!
- Seamless loops play as long as you want!
- Sounds just like real sirens!
- Police siren, Ambulance siren, Hi-Lo, more!
- Multiple popular real life sirens!
- Fool your friends, or just annoy them!
- Great for pranks!
- Save sirens as Ringtones, Notification, or Alarm Clock sounds!
- For entertainment only, not to be abused.

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