Sleep offline airplane mode



SleepOffLine automatically switches the phone in offline (airplane) mode the night:
This has several advantages:
- Avoid being awakened by the arrival of a call, mail or sms (don't change the sound volume but without network traffic they can't arrive and awake you)
- Saves battery (in offline (airplane mode) wifi, data and 3g are off and the battery discharges slower).
- Prevents receive radiations if the phone is on the nightstand
- Avoid forgetting to switch to offline mode for those who were already manually do that.

Start and end of the offline mode configurable by day of the week.
Detection of screen state for propose postpone or cancel of the offline period.

Warning: since android 4.2 it is no more to automatically put air plane mode. Please use new options data wifi and mute.

In case of application bugs or evolution thank you to open a request in this bug tracker:
If you want to translate into a language thank you contact me by email.

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