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Call the phone number on a restaurant page you are looking at in your Windows/Mac Sleipnir web browser from your smartphone with just 1 click!
Addresses on pages can also be instantly viewed using a map app on your smartphone.
Please try out [push] actions from your Windows/Mac Sleipnir web browser to your smartphone, and experience the new way of using your desktop browser with your smartphone.

This app links with your Windows/Mac Sleipnir web browser. Please install this app, and then log in to your Fenrir Pass account. Once you have set everything, there is no need to open the app.

For example...
Try calling using your smartphone to make a reservation from a phone number on a restaurant web site
If you open the address of a hotel in a map app on your smartphone you won't get lost again

Try notifying everybody about the web page of an event you plan to go to on the weekend using a message from your smartphone

You can also transfer phone numbers and add them as contacts to your smartphone.
If you select text and send it, you can copy the text in your smartphone and paste it in an app.

The history of information sent to your smartphone is stored in this app so you can open them later on.

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