Smart Answer Call



※ Android 2.2 (Froyo) and over

※ It will be more convenient if you use together with my other applications below.^^

⊙ Smart Screen Off (Flip Cover)
⊙ Smart Answer Call
⊙ Smart Switch Anywhere
⊙ Rainbow Clock (NEO)

★☆ Major Features ☆★

■ Answer Call

⊙ Answer Call by Proximity

+ If phone is outside
When an incoming call, just close the phone to your ear.

+ If phone is in your pocket or bag
When an incoming call, take phone out, and then close the phone to your ear after 1 second (check caller ID).

+ If you use the phone case with cover,
When an incoming call, open the cover, and then close the cover after 1 second (check caller ID).

⊙ Answer Call by Shake
Shake the phone to answer call.

■ End Call

⊙ End Call by Flip
To end call during a call, just turn the phone over.

⊙ End Call by Shake
Shake the phone to end call.

■ Speakerphone Mode (Proximity)

⊙ Horizontal Mode
It works only with the phone horizontal state (on the table), and also can answer/end a call by proximity sensor. If it is difficult to answer a call by dirty hands, this feature is very useful.

⊙ Automatic Mode
During a call, the speakerphone is turned off when phone is near by ear, and is turned on when phone is far away from ear.

⊙ Driving Mode
It works only speakerphone mode, and also can answer/end a call by proximity sensor. It can be used as handsfree while driving.

■ Flash Alert

This feature will notify with blinking flashlight when incoming call or incoming SMS.

■ Popup Call

An incoming call sometimes interrupts us during the games, movies, internet, navigation. This feature provides the small floating call screen so that you can keep using the app during the call.

■ Useful Features

⊙ Call Connection Alert
The vibrator will sound when call connected.

⊙ Call End Alert
The vibrator will sound when call disconnected.

⊙ Silent Ringer by Flip
Turn phone over to silent ringer.

⊙ Voice Caller ID (Text-to-Speech)
This feature will speak the caller information(caller name or number) instead of ringtone on incoming call.

⊙ Home Screen after End Call
This feature will return to home screen directly when call is ended.

⊙ Blank Screen during Call
This feature will be possible to speak at home screen without call screen during call.

■ Sensor Sensitivity

⊙ Proximity Sensitivity

⊙ Shake Sensitivity

Have fun !

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