Smart Browser



Find a comfortable easy read that is optimized for touch-based mobile devices, a new concept browser!
The third idea app of the mensan !!

1 Composition
  1) Main Activity: favorite links, favorite web pieces, and stored html files.
  2) Web Activity
  3) Control Tool Layer: a collection of tools for using the browser
  4) Easy Read View: Extract the content of the web page can be read in an environment that is easy to read screen, and supported search and translation functions.
  5) Source View: You can view the html source of the web page.
  6) Settings View: Settings about Control Tool Layer, Easy Read View.
  7) Lock Screen: When you read web page, you can see custom lock screen if screen on and off. The lock screen is released by double touch bottom buttons.
  8) My page: My page has the user's favorite links. You can share this page other people.

2 Features
  1) You can use the control tool layer instead of the address bar.
  2) You can add favorite links and favorite web page pieces in the main activity.
  3) You can set the desired background and font size, font color, line spacing, and margins for Easy Read View in Settings View.
  4) You can search and translate easily in Easy Read View.
  5) You can see the web page in custom lock screen.
  6) You can see the html source of the web page.
  7) You can store the web page and see the web page when network is unavailable.

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