Smart Cactus (SMS Control)



Smart Cactus is an application offering useful features in case your phone is lost, stolen or forgotten.

Smart Cactus allows you:
1) To remotely control your phone with SMS.
For example in case it just got stolen :
- locate (your phone tells you its position)
- switch to airplane mode (disconnect it from any network)
- turn the ringtone volume up (also possible to make your phone ring to locate it if you lost it while in silent mode)
- switch to alarm mode
- retrieve call log
- surveillance mode
- ...

2) To detect any unauthorized SIM card change.
For example: your phone just got stolen and the thief changes the SIM card. Smart Cactus detects the change and sends an SMS to a preset phone number, allowing you to get the thief's phone number. With it you can then perform remotely a number of actions on your stolen phone with SMS.


Do not install this application on another person's phone without their consent.

*** VERY IMPORTANT *** For security considerations, the application cannot be seen in the main manu showing all installed applications.
To launch the user interface, dial in the following number : 8484

*** VERY IMPORTANT *** After installing the application, do not forget to run it at least once to set it up.

POSSIBLE ACTIONS (by sending by SMS the following keyword):
- help: retrieve the list of keyword.
- ringtone: disable vibrate or silent mode and turn up the ringtone volume to the max.
- plane: enable airplane mode.
- battery: retrieve the current battery charge.
- loc: locate your phone.
- blocksms: blocks all incoming SMS on your phone (Smart Cactus will still work).
- unblocksms: disable blocksms mode.
- calllog: retrieve your phone's call log.
- alarm: sound a continuous alarm and turn up the alarm volume to the max.
- stopalarm: stop alarm mode.
- getsms: retrieve the 10 latest SMS sent from your phone.
- survey: enable surveillance mode. You are warned in the following cases: incoming and outgoing calls, incoming SMS. For outgoing SMS, use getsms.
- stopsurvey: disable surveillance mode.

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