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    Smart ways to control your incoming calls via proximity sensor on your phone or by your voice.
    Just wave your hand above phone's proximity sensor or hold the device near your ear to accept, reject incoming calls or activate silent mode.
    This app can work like Air Call-Accept feature on Galaxy S4.
    You can also talk to your phone "Hello" to accept, "Stop" for reject and "Silent" for silent mode.

    If you have any problem, instead off give ONE star rating, please email me you phone name and OS version, we will try to fix it.

    ★ Auto turn off external speaker when you hold the phone near your ear
    ★ Auto turn on external speaker when your phone not near your ear
    ★ Accept incoming call
    ★ Reject incoming call
    ★ Send SMS when reject call
    ★ Activate silent mode
    ★ Option to enable external speaker
    ★ Talk with phone to accept or reject incoming call
    ★ Turn over the phone to reject or activate silent mode
    ★ App still work normally when your phone in the pocket or upside down
    ★ Quick setting Widget for wave command

    Turn off or even uninstall all similar app for accurate result. This app only work if your phone has proximity sensor. Wave your hand at normal speed above your phone's proximity sensor to activate command
    - You must press Turn On before use
    - Wave your hand 2 times if your phone is not in the pocket before.
    - If your phone is not in the pocket, you can hold it near your ear and shake 2 times
    - When your phone is in the pocket and ringing, you wave your hand 1 time or hold it near your ear.
    - You must enable Voice control in Setting for voice command
    - Voice control support offline on Jelly Bean 4.1+ and the rest must online
    - When enable Voice control your phone auto switch to Vibrate mode after 3 seconds. On some device like Samsung, you must enable "Vibrate when ringing" in Sound Setting.

    *During the time you use our app, we collect anonymous data and error reports in order to improve application (Google Analytics).

    *In my country, I can not sell app or IAP, so I must placed small banner ad to sustain the development.

    *About Permissions
    PHONE CALLS: for accept or reject phone call.
    SEND SMS MESSAGES: for send SMS when reject call
    RECORD AUDIO: for voice command
    AUDIO SETTINGS: for turn on or off external speaker
    WRITE SETTINGS: for voice command, set vibrate mode
    NETWORK COMMUNICATION: for small ad banner
    WAKE LOCK: for auto control speaker, turn on or off screen

    * App has been tested on: Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, LG Optimus G, LG Nexus 4

    - Not work in Lollipop for now, we will try to fix soon.
    - Don't work with some HTC device like HTC One.
    - Don't work with some low-end phone because of slow reaction proximity sensor
    - Dual SIM device is not support

    *If you can not uninstall: Turn off "Auto control Speaker" in Setting or use "Remove this app" from menu

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