Smart Counter

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    You can count smarter. Just tap 'plus' to add or 'minus' to subtract one by one. And, counting 2 items simultaneously is also available. Even, you can count your steps using sensor.

    In portrait, there will be a plus button. When you rotate to landscape, there will be a plus button and a minus button.
    When you set to dual mode, 2 plus buttons will be displayed then you can count 2 items simultaneously.
    And if you set to step counter mode, you can count your steps with a acceleration sensor.
    Of course, you can set or reset counts. Counting logs are saved so you can see a graph, and export data as a csv file.

    In step countion mode, it works on background state. so you don't have to keep this app running while you are walking.
    a csv file is readable in a spreadsheet such like Excel ...

    Check out linked video for more...

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