Smart Distance Pro


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A useful way to get the distance measurement on an object

  • It's useful
  • It's accurate
  • Small file size
  • You must know the height
  • Limited range
  • Could use more features

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"You'll Go The Distance"


Smart Distance is an app designed to help you figure out the distance to an object. It also comes loaded with the Speed Gun and scroll arrow buttons. You basically put in the height of an object, point your camera and measure the distance.


It's useful for those who need to regularly measure distance on-the-go. It also has three different measurement settings for easy customization. It loads up quickly and is relatively easy to use. The file size is also quite small, giving it a small footprint. There are no annoying ads to contend with.


You need to know the height of an object at distance for Smart Distance to actually work as advertised - a stat that isn't always readily available. It has a limited range. It could use more features.

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by William

Jan 15, 2016

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