Smart Launcher




    Tired of scrolling through different home screens on your phone to find the app you wanna use?. WELL then try "Smart Launcher". Just one click is enough to launch any application installed on your phone using this Launcher.

    THATS NOT ALL, Smart Launcher will also help to select multiple apps together and uninstall all apps with just 1 click. The days of scrolling through multiple screens then uninstalling the app one by one are gone now. :)

    WELL ITS NOT OVER YET. Once in a while we delete some useful app my mistake and end up forgetting the name of the App or just being lazy enough to go back to market and search for that app to re-install.

    Smart Launcher will remember all the apps that you have uninstalled using it. Now you can re-install them with "Smart Launcher" that too with just one click.

    In short "Smart Launcher" is the complete App management application for Android and comes ABSOLUTELY FREE !!!

    So go Ahead and give this Launcher a try :)

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