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Smart timer is a universal interval timer for all occasions. Its main advantage - the ability to construct any number of timer events chains unlimited length, depth and repetition each. In terms of features, this timer includes several ones - an interval timer, a timer for meditation, a timer for charging activities and sports, a cardio-timer, a kitchen timer, and any other one can imagine.

You have to construct the thematic timer events sequence only once, and then you use it as long as you wish. Also, you can create groups of timers and chains, share them with your friends, family and colleagues.

This timer is very simple and easy to use, the application size is optimized. Timer is designed by experienced programmer with high qualifications that impacts on its quality.

Application features:

- Create single timers.
- Create a chains of timers any nesting.
- Ability to specify a name for each chain and a single timer.
- Ability to specify a description for each chain and a single timer.
- Ability to assign to each event of any sound as the sound applications, notifications, alarms, call or recorded with your microphone.
- The possibility of vibration to any event.
- The ability to output its own notification to any event.
- The possibility of up to 99 repetitions of any sequence, or a timer, including nested.
- The possibility of up to 99 repetitions play any sound when activated event.
- The ability to export and import chain and single event, with all the sounds in them, or just their narratives.
- The ability to copy, modify, insert and delete chains and single events.
- Quick access to the operating chains and single events from the status bar.
- Protection from rebooting the device for running chains and events.
- The efficiency of the running sequences and individual events in a locked device, the screen is off or after you exit the application.
- The ability to record chain with a stopwatch.
- Ability to pause and resume working, and chains of single events.

In the nearest future the application will be added the following features:

- Selecting the icon for the notification of the selected event.
- Create a group of timers.
- Widgets to start and stop chain attached to the widget, or a single event.
- Ability to assign a sound instead of a voice message, typed text.
- Examples of use as a template chain of events.

Currently the application supports the following languages: English, Russian.

If you would like me to add your language support, please contact me and I will send you the materials to be translated into any language present in the application.

Please feel free to contact me by e-mail on any errors found as well as to share your ideas on application improvements or in a case of localization requests.

Keywords: timer, sport, exercise, meditation, kitchen, eating, cooking, yoga, contemplation, interval, circular, heart-lifting, cardio, boxing, running, cycling, sprinting, countdown, chain, events.

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