Smart Tutor




    Smart Tutor
    This is a quick and easy way of consulting mobile problems.
    A tech expert can control your device remotely
    in order to fix technical issue and optimize your device's performance.
    Also you can learn and listen to new features by sharing your mobile screen.
    To connect a tech expert, firstly make a phone call to contact center.

    Installation & Usage
    1. Download the application from the Market, install and tap it to launch.
    2. Make a phone call to the samsung contact center
    3. Enter the 6 digits connection code given by a tech expert.
    4. Once connected, a tech expert will check your mobile
    5. If you want to terminate this application, press "Disconnect" button.
    ※ Connection in 3G Network will be chargeable according to
    your network data fee agreement with your operator/Telecom.
    Before the connection, ensure to check Wi-Fi availability for free support.

    1. Screen Share
    Your mobile's screen will be shared to a tech expert with lowering the amount of data transferred.
    2. Control Remotely
    Once connected, a tech expert will control your mobile remotely. Only check and review a problem.
    3. Chat with
    You can chat with a tech expert freely.
    4. Screen Lock
    Once press "Lock" button, the screen will be locked. A tech expert will not be able to view and control.
    5. Application Lock
    The feature restricts a tech expert from accessing applications with customer’s private information
    such as Gallery, Message, email and other.

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