Keep your data safe, secure and away from thieves.

SmartFuzz is the ultimate anti-theft mobile protection for your android phone and more!


v Remote Locking
- Secure your phone against unauthorized access
- Keep your private information private
- Stop thieves using your Facebook or Twitter
- Stop thieves accessing your online banking
- Create custom message to display to thieves
- Keep business information confidential

v Data Backup
- Store a copy of your data on secure servers
- Backup all data, not just contact numbers
- Restore data quickly when needed
- Recover data easily from damaged phones

v Remote Data Wipe
- Quickly remove personal data to keep it safe
- Prevents identity theft through data removal
- Clear any sensitive data remotely

v Uninstall Protection
- Stop thieves from removing anti-theft protection
- Always be able to use SmartFuzz features


v SIM Change Notification
- Receive email if the thief changes SIM
- Get the new phone number details
- Receive SMS to friend's phone

v Stolen Mode Settings
- Set automatic options if phone is stolen
- Automatically enable piercing alarm
- Alarm works even when in silent mode

v Data Tracking
- Use SMS Commands to lock, wipe or track phone
- Enable activities logging
- Provides helpful information for the Police
- Use GPS tracking to pinpoint phone location
- Receive location reports at timed intervals

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Using GPS tracking for prolonged periods of time impacts on the battery life. It is advisable to only activate GPS tracking when your phone is lost or stolen.

SmartFuzz has versions designed to work on different platforms including Android, Windows and Blackberry.

All data uploaded is through a secure SSL connection. After the first backup is taken only the data that has changed is updated. You can create photo backups by uploading individual photos.


SmartFuzz staff members are happy to help with any product queries through the dedicated online help team at


Have a great idea or suggestion for SmartFuzz? We are always looking to include new features for SmartFuzz and would love to hear from you. All feedback is encouraged as this helps us continue to provide the best mobile protection software available.

Thanks for checking out SmartFuzz.

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