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SmartGPS takes your device's GPS system to the next level by giving it a mind of its own.

+Display a status notification when the GPS starts that shows satellite and fix information.

+PowerSaver tracks your movement while on the go and automatically dims the screen to your preferred brightness level when you stop and restores it once you start again.

+Speedometer calculates your current speed using GPS location data and displays it in the notification bar in either miles per hour (mph), kilometers per hour (kph) or knots (kn). (values 0-700 supported)

+Odometer tracks the distance you have traveled and displays it on the info screen in mph, kph and knots.

+Application registry allows you to choose which applications SmartGPS will activate features for. Each service has a configuration option to run only with registered applications (listed as 'Nav/Maps Only').

+Info Screen provides a detailed view of GPS system information including satellite data, fix status and more.

+Widget for your Android desktop allows you to toggle the SmartGPS automated services on/off and displays GPS system activity, fix and satellite-view status.

+All features are provided to you FREE with advertising support. (SmartGPS Plus acts as a developer donation and removes ads).

Try SmartGPS now, and make your GPS do more for you!

Planned/Upcoming Updates:
-Improved Speedometer accuracy
-Waypoint notification
-More fully-featured Odometer (separate trips, etc)
-Any other automated-services or other features suggested by users!

WARNING: moving the app to the SD card appears to cause issues with starting on boot and retaining status as a device admin. If you don't use these features, everything else should work fine.

Leave a review to tell me what you think and any ideas you may have. If you experience issues, please feel free to email me ( or start a discussion on the website forums.

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