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    DOWNLOAD  $39.99



    The Home Automation Remote is the ideal application for the Home Automation professionals who sell Vantage Controls Systems, as well as for the 'techie homeowner' who owns a Vantage Infusion System.

    Through the home network connection, you can operate the lights from within, and communication over an external internet connection allows you remote control of the lights from anywhere with internet access.

    The application includes up to 10 flickable pages of personalized keypads having up to 8 buttons. These are easily programmed to mimic the home's existing button presses to control lights, motorized shades/drapes, thermostats, pools, spas, etc. Almost anything that can be done on a keypad or touchscreen can be controlled from this remote, and programming it is as simple as entering the buttons' VID numbers. Create buttons to turn on preset lighting scenes, to turn off all lights in the house and to set thermostats to a determined temperature. Create a home scene button, and buttons to control the spa, so the homeowner can come home to a lit house and warm jacuzzi. Even set up HOME and AWAY buttons, with real-time feedback so you know that the command has been sent!
    You individually label each keypad and button so each page is not only personalized to fit the homeowners specific needs, but it is extremely simple to understand and operate!
    Easily enter IP addresses to begin communication with the controller from within the home, or from miles away. And after this information has been entered once, it is stored into the device and will automatically connect to the system when app is launched.
    Because this is a Lite version, you cannot view cameras, audio/video cover art, or obtain thermostat temperature,or use a dimmer function, but you can still control these as you would from a keypad: enable simple on/off commands, scenes, volume control of audio video, increase/decrease temperature set points, etc.

    For additional screen shots and a full explanation of how to program this app, please click on the PROGRAMMING THE APP link on