switching profiles via QR code :D printout a QR code (**or just cut one out of your newsletter** ;) ) and put it anyware

for example
-in the car on the dashboard to start cardock mode
-in the bedroom on the bedside table to activate the flight mode
-at home at the entrance door to activate wireless
-scan the barcode of a CD Cover and associate it to the belonging playlist

>>>> Switch on Display - Shake your phone - Scan QR Code - Done <<<<

its like SmartTags on Xperia2012 series ;o)

it includes settings to configure shake sensitivity and now you can use every QR Code you find !!! just cut one out of your newsletter if you need a TAG (just like nfc tags)

folloing action are possible:
-Enable/Disable Wifi
-Enable/Disable Wifi Hotspot
-Enable/Disable Bluetooth
-Enable/Disable Mobile Data
-Open Network Settings to change 2G/3G
-Open Gps/Location Settings
-Enable/Disable Autosync
-Enable/Disable Flightmode
-Mute/UnMute the Phone
-Set Alarmvolume to MAX
-Enable/Disable Cardock mode
-Play Title or Playlist
-Start selected Application
-Send a Textmessage
-set Phone Volumes
-set Bass Boost

-reworked shake detection
-added a few actions more
-added a second icon to directly scan and apply a Profile

update v1.03:
-switched storing from shardpreferences to sqlite database for better performance
-send sms works now
-start app works now

update v1.04:
-new icon

update v1.05:
-few ui changes
-added flightmode

update v1.06:
-fixed the bug where scanner not opened while screen is locked
-action "data" now opens the mobiledata settings page (user have to check/uncheck the checkbox)
-added action "gps"
-option to disable the use of acceleration sensor

update v1.07:
-fixed action "data" now works without user interaction

update v1.08:
-gui updates
-added "send log dump" function
-added "hotspot"
-added "play music/playlist"

update v1.09:
-fixed the bug where you cant dismiss barcodescanner insallation
-fixed (hopefully) the bug where the phone stays unlocked
-if you have a modded phone.apk you can limit to 2G without user interaction.

update v1.10:
-added a full mixercontrol to set volumes and bassboost
-a few bugfixes

update v1.15:
-bug fixes
-fixed playlist select/playback
-added googlemusic playlists
-added apply profiles by time
-added create shortcuts to desktop

update v1.16:
-fixed ForceClose on start
-fixed timed profiles are not applied when device is in deepsleep
-added a notify when profiles are applied
-fixed create desktopshortcuts when icon are to big

update v1.17:
-added the option to use Magneticfield as Trigger (usefull if dardock has magnet buildin)

update v1.20:
-if you have my SetXperia (at least version 1.58) on your Phone. you can now switch OC profiles with smartQRTags ;o)

update v1.22:
-if you have Systemcleanup (at least version 3.57) on your Phone, you can now trigger autocleanups with smartQRTags ;o)

update v1.23:
-made the profiles screen scrollable (for small screens)

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