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SMS Admin Remote is a software application developed to assist you in recovering your device if lost or stolen . With it you can easily through text messages ( SMS ) , change the password and lock the device , wipe all personal data, or even locate your phone .

• Lock , wipe data or locate your device via text message ( SMS ) .
• Text messages (SMS) processed by the app does not appear in the message list or notification
• Where an action is performed on the device it returns a message to the sender saying that the action was performed successfully .
• The command " find " returns a message with the latitude and longitude of the device and a link to be viewed in Google Maps.

• Be your password delta44 and suppose you want to lock the phone . Just send a message to your phone with the following text "delta44 block 4321 " and ready as soon as you receive this message your phone is locked with password 4321 .
• To clean or find use a similar process to clean where you must send an SMS with password control and wipe or locate . Ex : " delta44 wipe " or " delta44 locate " .

• If your machine is dual SIM app uses the first chip to reply text messages .
• Configure a password to access the app avoiding strong sequences or dates , because with this password you can perform actions on your device .
• The GPS must be active for the functions find work. This does not affect battery life .
• All commands is disabled by default . After you install the app you must activate them .
• After the cleanup will not be possible to recover your data .

The only way to perform actions on your device through this app is having the password you will configure , so it is your responsibility to set up and maintain a secure password so you do not encounter undue access on your device and can cause the loss or destruction of apparatus.

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