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    An easy and efficient SMS Scheduler tool with:
    1) A Smart time zone calculator
    2) Birthday SMS scheduler that syncs with Facebook.
    3) Scheduling for multiple contacts/groups
    4) Custom SMS scheduler that detects friend's location and time zone from Facebook.

    Time zone Calculator:
    The app allows you to sync with Facebook and detect your friend's location so you never have to manually calculate the time difference between you and your friend.
    You can, of course, choose not to connect to Facebook and manually input the location and the app will calculate the time zone for you. The app is able to tell you the correct time zone your friend is in, if you just enter the city or country. The app provides you with an easy to use interface to schedule the delivery of your SMS at your chosen time.
    Birthday Sync with Facebook:
    The app gets your friend's birthday from your Facebook account and asks if you would like to schedule a birthday SMS to your friend.
    Basic feature list:
    - Schedule Custom SMS
    - Schedule Birthday SMS
    - Schedule for multiple contacts/groups
    - Scheduled SMS Summary - View, Edit, Delete, Sort
    - Connect to Facebook
    A powerful tool with an easy to use interface.

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