Introducing SMS REMOTE, an android application to keep you in control of your android phone even when you have left it at home.
Whenever you need to access your phone just send a SMS in the correct format to your phone and the task will be done.

SMS format is as follows :
PIN command
eg: 0000 unreadsms

- Get Contact by Name
- Battery Info.
- Turn Mobile Data On.
- Turn Mobile Data Off.
- Switch to General Profile.
- Switch to Silent Profile.
- Switch to Mute Profile.
- Get Missed Calls.
- Get Unread SMS.
- Send SMS to any Number.
- Turn WIFI On.
- Turn WIFI Off.
- Launch any App.

Please Note
1. Please remove "REMOTE FETCH FREE" before installing paid version.
2. If you have installed GO SMS PRO then please disable the "Disable other message
notification" option in the receive settings.

Please email me your questions or visit my blog I will be happy to reply.

List of Commands
Battery Info - PIN [battery]

Turn Data On - PIN [dataon]

Turn Data Off - PIN [dataoff]

General Profile - PIN [general]

Silent Profile - PIN [silent]

Mute Profile - 0000 [mute]

Missed Calls - PIN [missedcall]

Get Contact - 0000 [contact] [contact_name]

Unread SMS - PIN [unreadsms]

WIFI On - PIN [wifion]

WIFI Off - PIN [wifioff]

Send SMS - PIN [sendsms] [contact_number] [message]

Launch an App - PIN [launch] [app_name]

Get List of Installed Apps - PIN [applist]

Get all Commands - PIN [help]

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