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Background infos on this app:

IMPORTANT for Android 4.4 (KitKat):

On Android 4.4 apps cannot write the system SMS database anymore. This is a major change by Google. To re-enable this again you need to go to Android's hidden settings page "App Ops" and enable the permission "Write SMS/MMS" for this app. (You can open this hiden settings page easily with Apps like "App ops Starter").

However, this method does not work on every phone, on some models "App Ops" settings only exist until Android 4.4.1. If so - then there is no way to use my app anymore on Android 4.4.2. Sorry. :-(

Adds the time when an SMS was ACTUALLY SENT to your messages (only useful for devices which just show the receive time of SMS, eg. Galaxy S).

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR USERS OF "Handcent SMS" (version 4.0.0 or greater):
Please check the following option in the settings of Handcent SMS (otherwise this app won't work): In menu under "Settings"->"Application settings"->Default Messaging application" and make sure that it is set to "Disable"!
Otherwise Handcent SMS wil block any other SMS app!

Do not disable stock's notifications from Go SMS ("Receive Settings"->"Disable other message notification") other wise Go SMS will block any other SMS app!

It appends the sent time to the message text (the original timestamp will be kept untouched). Should work with all SMS Apps (Handcent SMS, chompSMS, Go SMS, etc..). Depends on SMS implementation details and your provider, so maybe doesn't work everywhere. Some SMS apps also may be confused if another app appends something to the message text in background. So please leave a comment whether it's working with your device/provider/app or not. Thanks! :-)

Many Android devices only display the timestamp when a message was received (not sent). This is a problem when you receive messages while your phone is turned off (or has no network coverage). In this case you don't know when the message was really sent (as you only see the received time when you turn on the phone again).

Also allows to add the SMSC (sms service centre) number from where the message was sent (technical stuff for people who are interested).

Ad-free! Resource-efficient: does not run as a background service, only gets started by Android when a SMS is received.
Another thing: I develop this only in my spare time, so please understand if it's not perfect (and give me feedback). :-)

Tested successfully with Austrian providers. Theoretically it may be possible that the added sent time may be incorrect (different tiomezone) if the SMS service centre of the sender is located in a different timezone.

• "RECEIVE SMS": necessary for reading the sent time out of the received SMS data package from the mobile provider

• "EDIT SMS OR MMS": necessary for adding the sent time to the message in the device's SMS database

• "READ SMS OR MMS": necessary for looking up the message to edit in the sms database

• "MODIFY/DELETE SD CARD CONTENTS": necessary for writing logfile to SD (when logging is enabled)

Have fun while texting! :-)

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