SMS Speaker




SMS Speaker is one of the best Unique Appliction. SMS Speaker is an appliction in which you
can speak every thing you write text.SMS Speaker is also get all SMS from inbox and then speak complete SMS.
you select the speed as your desired in this application. You can select pitch rate as you desired. Speaker SMS
is such type of application that allows multiple languages are allowed to speak.


1). SMS Speaker application Retrives all SMS from Inbox.
2). You can Select your Desired SMS from the List and listen it.
3). You can write any type of text and listen complete SMS.
4). Select speed for listenening SMS or Simple text.
5). Select Pitch as you desired. (Male Voice , Female Voice , childern Voice)
6). SMS Speaker is Effective and Efficient.
7). Application which reduced time.
8). Make Relax and flexible for human being.

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