Sniffer 15.4



IEEE 802.15.4 Packet Sniffer for Android devices.

Please note that external hardware (i.e., a USB Sniffer accessory/device) is required to actually capture frames. However, application features can be tried out using the test mode.

Application features:
* Capture 802.15.4 frames (by using a sniffer 15.4 accessory/device).
* Display captured frames.
* Filtering (by frame type, source address, destination address, and payload).
* Store captured frames on phone memory for future display.
* Export captured frames to PCAP format (Wireshark compatible).
* Live forwarding to an arbitrary IP address using the Zigbee Encapsulation Protocol (ZEP).
* Test mode (to try out application functionality without a sniffer 15.4 accessory/device).

To actually sniff packets you can use the following hardware:
- A Tmote Sky (a.k.a TelosB) configured as a sniffer 15.4 device; or
- A SEED-EYE board configured as a sniffer 15.4 accessory
In general, the SEED-EYE board should work on every Android device (3.1+), while the Tmote Sky works only on Android devices supporting the USB host mode (e.g., the Samsung Galaxy Nexus).

Tested Devices:
* Nexus S (Tmote sky *not* supported, you must use a SEED-EYE board)
* Galaxy Nexus

More info can be found at

Application authors:
- Daniele Alessandrelli
- Andrea Azzarà

PS: for reporting problems, bug, comments, etc, please send an e-mail to Thanks!

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