SNMP Traffic Grapher



An application to graph SNMP data (download and upload) from a device (like a router) interface.
OID1 will be graphed in green (download) and OID2 will be graphed in blue.

For this app to work, you need:

1. The router must support SNMP v2 and SNMP is enabled.
2. The router IP address, like
3. The Get community password of the router, usually “public”.

To start monitor an interface in the router, go to settings, and enter the Host, Port and the Community.
Then click on the menu and choose 'Scan Router's Interfaces' to scan all the available interfaces in the router and then select one.

I use this app to monitor the PPP interface (the internet) of my LinkSys ADSL router to get a real feeling of how the internet is utilized in my LAN.

There is no ads in the application, if you see this application useful feel free to donate via PayPal :)

keywords: SNMP,bandwidth,traffic,router,interface,utilization,plot,grapher,graph,monitor,ADSL

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