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Sailors and travelers always copes with navigation using a compass and maps, the sun and the stars. Now the digital age, and there are many ways to determine the location without any global positioning systems. GPS - a cool thing, but what if the receiver is not at hand?
Compass for Android - the necessary application for the traveler, it will help you to determine the coordinates of no communication, the Internet, or navigation. Easiest to use! There will always be with you and help you at the right time.
Compass with circular and electronic scale of 360 divisions (degrees). Pointer to the north pole corresponds to the indicator to 0 °. Compass points (of the compass) are divided into "quarter-" Rumba: north-east, or NE (45 °), south-east or SE (135 °), south-west or SW (225 ° ) and north-west, or from the NW (315 °).

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