Sony TV/Blu-Ray WiFi IR remote

Sony TV/Blu-Ray WiFi IR remote

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Unofficial WI-Fi & IR remote control for Sony Televisions & Blu-ray Players.
Your Sony Smart TV must be connect to your router AND YOUR ROUTER MUST HAVE uPnP ENABLED... if the app doesn't find your Sony Smart TV the please CONTACT US by email or read the instructions on our website.
If you have a Samsung device with an IR(InfraRed) blaster, this will be detected by MyAV and older IR equipment can be controlled too.
Compatible Samsung phones include the Galaxy S4, S4 Mini, Galaxy S5 & Galaxy Note III.
Compatible Samsung tablets include the Note 10.1 Tab 3 8 and a few others
For the UK, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway & Sweden channel shortcuts are available. These can be renumbered by dragging them to the pop-up keypad that appears when you long-click on a shortcut.

Sony Smart Televisions
2014: (tested) KD85X9505 KD55X9005 KD65X9005 KD79X9005 KD65X8005 KD55X8005 KD49X8005 KDL65W955B KDL55W955B KDL60W855B KDL55W805B KDL50W805B KDL42W805B KDL50W705B KDL42W705B KDL32W705B KDL60W605B KDL48W605B KDL40W605B KDL48W600B KDL40W600B KDL60W630B KDL55W800B KDL50W800B KDL70W850B KDL60W850B KDL65W950B KDL55W950B KDL42W700B, XBR55X850B, XBR65X850B, XBR70X850B, XBR55X900B, XBR65X900B, XBR79X900B,XBR65X950B, XBR85X950B,KDL50W790B, KDL55W790B,KDL60W840B, KDL70W840B,KDL55W950B, KDL65W950B, KDL70R550A, XBR52LX905

2013: (tested) KD55X9005A KD65X9005A KDL55W905A , KDL55W904A , KDL65W855A , KDL55W807A , KDL55W808A , KDL55W805A , KDL55W804A , KDL47W807A , KDL47W808A , KDL47W805A , KDL47W804A , KDL42W807A , KDL42W808A , KDL42W805A , KDL42W804A , KDL42W653A , KDL42W654A , KDL32W654A ,KDL32W653A ,KDL40R473A , KDL40R474A , KDL46R473A , KDL46R474A , KDL42W674A , KDL32W650A , KDL55W802A , KDL50W805B , KDL50W815B , KDL50W828B , KDL50W829B , KDL55W809A , KDL47W802A , KDL47W809A , KDL42W802A , KDL42W809A , KDL24W605A , KDL32W600A , KDL32W603A , KDL32W605A , KDL32W650A , KDL32W651A , KDL32W655A , KDL32W656A , KDL40W905A , KDL42W650A , KDL42W651A , KDL42W655A , KDL42W656A , KDL32R420A , KDL32R421A , KDL32R423A , KDL32R424A , KDL40R470A , KDL40R471A , KDL46R470A , KDL50W685A, KDL47W800A, KDL46W700A, KDL42W670A, KDL42W850A, KDL55W900A

2012: (untested) KDL40EX640 KDL46EX640 KDL55EX640 KDL32EX655 KDL40EX655 KDL55HX750 KDL46HX750 KDL55HX850 KDL55HX750 KDL55HX950 KDL32HX750 KDL32HX751 KDL32HX753 KDL32HX755 KDL32HX757 KDL32HX758 KDL32HX759 KDL40HX750 KDL40HX751 KDL40HX753 KDL40HX755 KDL40HX756 KDL40HX757 KDL40HX758 KDL40HX759 KDL40HX75G KDL46HX751 KDL46HX753 KDL46HX755 KDL46HX756 KDL46HX757 KDL46HX758 KDL46HX759 KDL46HX75G KDL55HX750 KDL55HX751 KDL55HX753 KDL55HX755 KDL55HX75G KDL40HX850 KDL46HX850 KDL55HX850 KDL40HX853 KDL46HX853 KDL55HX853 KDL40HX855 KDL46HX855 KDL55HX855 KDL55HX950

2011: (untested) KDL46HX923 KDL55HX923 KDL46HX823 KDL55HX823 KDL40HX723 KDL46HX723 KDL40NX723 KDL46NX723 (untested),KDL32EX723 KDL37EX723 KDL40EX723 KDL46EX723 KDL55EX723 KDL32EX523 KDL40EX523 KDL46EX523 KDL22EX320 KDL24EX320 KDL26EX320 KDL32EX320 KDL46CX520 KDL40CX520 KDL32CX520 (untested) ,KDL32EX427, KDL32EX721,KDL32EX520, KDL37EX720

2010: These models DO NOT WORK KDL60LX900 KDL52LX900 KDL40LX900 KDL46HX900 KDL52HX900 KDL46EX713 KDL40HX800 KDL46HX800 KDL40HX700 KDL46HX700 KDL40NX800 KDL52NX800 KDL40NX700 KDL46NX700 KDL32EX700 KDL40EX700 KDL46EX700 KDL52EX700 KDL60EX700 KDL32EX600 KDL40EX600 KDL32EX500 KDL37EX500 KDL40EX500 KDL46EX500 KDL55EX500 ,KDL40EX403,KDL55EX710, KDL55NX810,KDL40EX710, KDL46NX810, KDL55EX503
Please email us if you would like to help us support 2010 & 2009 models.

Sony Smart Blu-Ray players
2014: BDP-S6200 BDP-S5200 BDP-S3200 BDP-S1200 (untested)
2013: BDP-A6000 BDP-S5100 , BDP-S4100 BDP-S3100
2012: BDP-S390, BDP-S590 , BDP-S790
2011: BDP-S380 (tested), BDP-S480, BDP-S580 , BDP-S780

This is a free 7 day trial version of the main MyAV app that can also control main other IP controllable devices.

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Recently changed in this version

Added more Samsung & Sony TV models to database
Added Sony Blu-Ray App browsing, if TV channels are found these will be added to the end of the channel list.

Comments and ratings for Sony TV/Blu-Ray WiFi IR remote
  • (64 stars)

    by javed arshad on 18/04/2014


  • (64 stars)

    by Clay Lucas on 16/04/2014

    Took blu ray on road. I to hotel, forgot remote. Downloaded app and with manual IR was able to use blu ray. Amazing.

  • (64 stars)

    by Yash Jasoliya on 16/04/2014

    Nice app

  • (64 stars)

    by Rosaldo Abastillas on 13/04/2014

    Rented a movie Couldn't find my remote but I found this app. Enough said.

  • (64 stars)

    by Jacqui Bravo on 11/04/2014

    I never take the time to rate apps, but this one deserves it. My blueray player crapped out and this immediately solved the problem. I was not getting my hopes up because I'm not particularly tech savvy, and expected a complicated setup that I wouldn't be

  • (64 stars)

    by anjaneyulu chinna on 05/04/2014


  • (64 stars)

    by Joe Johnson on 05/04/2014

    Lost my Sony BluRay remote which rendered the player useless, until I tried this app. In less than 3 minutes I downloaded and installed the app, selected "Manually Add IR Remote", selected my player, and it worked great. Can't speak to how it works with