Soulmate Advanced!



Men and women are always looking for confirmations and gratifications in order to feel loved or just part of life partner.
This gives rise to the first problem because the value given to every single gesture and differently depending on sex and age.
This program aims to "help" to "remember" all those little daily deadlines that are important to hear
his beloved partner and considered. Entangled enough little things like a phone ring to let her know you are thinking of her,
a message with a phrase that recalls special times we had together and above all never forget birthdays and anniversaries ... the death penalty!

The following are the features offered by the program:

- Automate the process of voice call based on a time divided into three time slots daily morning, afternoon and evening.

- Automate the process of sending SMS on a daily divided into three time slots Morning, afternoon and evening with a chance
Select the text of the message directly from inside an archive split into different groups of membership:
- Love
- Birthday Greetings
- Happy Anniversary
- Good night
- Good day
- Comedians.
Yuou can also customize an unlimited number of messages to be used in place of the preset ones.

- Automate the process of sending SMS greetings in most occasions as important: birthday, anniversary, first kiss.

- Automatic reporting of the period before the menstrual cycle in order to avoid making "nervous" unnecessarily its partners.

- Personal Address Book that allows you to store private contacts that can be removed from the Address Book the main phone.

- Filter System "Do not Disturb", which allows REFUSE IN AUTO MODE fully transparent voice calls or text messages received from contacts
stored in Personal Address Book in order not to be disturbed at specific times of the day.

- Features a customized SMS autoreply when voice call rejected by the filter "Do not Disturb".

- Location-based system that allows you to enable or disable the filter automatically "Do not Disturb" to achieve a specific geographic destination with the possibility of view a preview of the map.

- Internal Log, which stores all the calls and text messages sent and received by the system.

- Possibility to set a password to login to the system to make more secure data entered into the system

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