Speedometer and altimeter




    Speedometer and altimeter

    Automotive speedometer speedometer speedometer for bicycles.
    Menu button Automotive Speedometer / Bicycle speedometer / altimeter.
    Altimeter speedometer or as one of the dashboard if you click the zoom in / zoom out to see enables fast and intuitive operation.

    ★ automotive speedometer 0 ~ 260Km / h until the dashboard of the grid is displayed.
    ★ bicycle speedometer dashboard scale of 0 ~ 65Km / h until the display.
    ★ bicycle speedometer when the speed of 65Km / h or more Then He will automatically switch to the automotive speedometer.
    ★ altimeter is displayed in units of m (Meter) Meter units of the needle and the needle in 100Meter unit can be easily identified.
    ★ terminal performance of the sensor according to the present height of the error range is displayed in units of Meter.
    ★ current altitude and terminal that displays the altitude and, if different, the + / - altitude correction can dial is built.
    General switch to turn the volume up or down, as you move your finger easily corrected Meter Unit 0 ~ +50 m or 0 ~-50m until you can.

    Car / motorcycle / bicycle / climbing, etc., that can be conveniently used in the speedometer and altimeter Apps.

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