** Introductory Price! Half price: $1.99, normally $3.99 ! **

Have you ever gotten a $120 speeding ticket? Speed cameras are everywhere! And with the economy, every city is issuing more tickets to bring in more revenue.

Fight back with SpeedTrack! Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket in the mail and thought "No way was I going that fast!", but not been able to prove it? With SpeedTrack, you'll be able to see how fast you were going when the speed camera snapped your picture, and print the record to take to court with you!

SpeedTrack records your location and speed and lets you see where you've been on a map. Adjust the time period to match the time of your speeding ticket, then email or print the map and data and take it to court with you. Will this get your speeding ticket dismissed? It has before:


"I got out of a $120 ticket, and only cost me a few bucks! Who knows how much my insurance would have increased?"

Also great for tracking your location and speed in your car, boat, plane, or while walking.

- Tap the speedometer to pause speed and location tracking; tap it again to continue recording.
- Tap the max speed gauge to change the time period from 5 minutes to 10 or 15 minutes
- Change the gauge color (8 colors!) and the units (miles per hour or kilometers per hour)
- Gauges rotate with your phone for easy display on your dash.

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