Sprite Studio



    Sprite Studio allows you to create sprites and pixel art on your android device of choice. For now, it offers the following features:

    ★ Visible coordinates when zoomed in
    ★ Palette editor
    ★ Saving Images on SD-Card (Supported format: PNG)
    ★ Supports any image size
    ★ Undo/Redo actions
    ★ Tools: Pencil, eraser, paintbucket and pipette

    More features will be added over time.

    Make sure to rate and comment the app! It will help getting issues solved and new features included alot.

    This app is perfect for spriting and painting when you are outside or traveling and helps you realize quickly every inspiration you might have, wherever you are.
    Sprite Studio allows you as well to freely choose the sprite size, the only limit being your device's capabilities.

    Our goal is it to make painting and working with Sprite Studio as comfortable as possible. We want you to be able to actually use Sprite Studio as a work tool and not just as a pixel-painter-toy. Improving the user experience over time is therefore paramount, but in order to achieve that we need your feed-backs. Let us know your wishes for future upgrades of Sprite Studio, any suggestions are welcome.

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