SpyRecorder Widget



Spy Series 1st !

Spy Recorder Widget!

The quick and easy anytime, anywhere, and get an audio recording without anyone knowing.

Much frustrated while using the existing recorder app did you say?
Now with widgets is easy, fast, and unknowingly, please record your voice.


1. In standby mode, it works. Nobody can know that you are recording.

2. Operate the small, simple widget mode is easy.

3. Change the recorded voice file, then share with others, or, can be sent to their email.

4. Spy Recorder provides player and list.


1. If the app is deleted, the stored data will be deleted. If the app be deleted, please back up your data.

2 Spy Voice Recorder runs on an internal operation, the other recorder applications as a service can not be executed.
This is the cause of the error.

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