The application is designed for remote control and monitoring of mobile devices with the SpyXMPPServer.

- View information about the managed device;
- To view the folders and files, download them from the managed device or removal;
- Tracing the location of the device in real-time;
- Capture photos from cameras, audio recording from a microphone;
- A record of incoming and outgoing calls and send it to the email;
- View the history of calls and SMS messages list the remote device;
- Notification of incoming / outgoing calls and sms messages from a remote device

Using the application is to exchange messages between the server and the client through the XMPP (Jabber) protocol.
This application is installed on the control system and requires a separate account Fuelled any instant messaging network, running on the protocol XMPP (Jabber).
To carry out the possibility of streaming files in Explorer, I recommend to use the accounts jabber.ru, xmpp.ru, jabber.org, and others that support the transfer of files in bytestreams.
The procedure to connect to the server as follows:
- Install and run the application;
- The "Menu" -> "Connect";
- Enter all the necessary data Jabber account and click connect;
- After successfully connecting the "Menu" -> "Add server";
- Enter the username working SpyXMPPServer'a (for example: example@jabber.ru);
- The password to access the server - the default is "0000";
- Click "OK." The server is added.

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