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An SSH Terminal Server / Daemon for Android!

SSHD on an Android device

★★ Device MUST be rooted AND have BOTH the SuperUser AND BusyBox apps installed.. If you don't know what these are - this app is NOT for you! We help anyone who posts positive comments - Users who post ill-informed negative comments (because they have no understanding of SSH or or how it is used) will get no support from us!

★ ★ This app is a SSH terminal server - NOT an SFTP server. If you don't know the difference - this app is NOT for you!

Recommended PC Clients

★ Putty terminal for Windows -

★ cygwin terminal for Windows -

★ Poderosa for Windows -

★ Most Linux terminal programs

Key Features

★ WiFi "Terminal" or "adb shell Like".

★ Rescan Media option on service exit/end.

★ Home screen widget to start and stop the server.

★ Run on any port (including ports < 1024) and/or any user ID

★ preset terminal prompts.

★ root access to your device in a terminal

★ Status notifications on current server status

★ Based on the DropBear SSH Server.

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