Test a wide variety of customizable samples and functionality made especially for Star Micronics Point of Sale Receipt Printers and Portable Printers. This application demonstrates the powerful flexibility of Star Micronics printer connections by enabling users to connect their Star printer to an Android device via Bluetooth, USB or Ethernet.

The samples included in this application are plentiful and dynamic, allowing user input to customize printouts. For software developers, commands pertaining to specific functions have been extracted and appear on the screen for quick reference. Just tap "Help" in the bottom corner of any function's screen to see them.

Functionality is catered to printer type and includes:
• Get Star Printer Status
• Get Firmware Status
•USB printer Discovery
• Print a Sample Receipt (English ,French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese)
• Print Customizable Text in English and Japanese and Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese
• Print Customizable Raster Graphical Data
• Print Customizable 1D Barcodes
• Print Customizable 2D Barcodes
• Print Sample Logos
• Open a Cash Drawer Connected to the Printer
• Get Cash Drawer Status
• Get DK-AirCash Dip Switch Information
• Test Different Cut Patterns
• Test Star's Mobile Printer Magnetic Stripe Reader
• Bluetooth Setting Function for desk top printer and SAC10EBI

The detail documentation is on Star Global Support Site.

Supported Star Micronics Desktop Receipt Printers Include:
- TSP100LAN: Ethernet
- FVP10: USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth
- TSP650II: USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth
- TSP650: USB, Ethernet
- TSP700II: USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth
- TSP800II: USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth
- TUP500: USB, Ethernet
- TUP900: USB
- SP700 :USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth

Star Impact Dot Matrix Printer, SP700 is enabled
Android V3.1 and higher support USB, Ethernet and Bluetooth.
Android V2.2, V2.3 and V3.0 support Bluetooth (V2.3.3 later) and Ethernet.
Android V2.1 and lower support only Ethernet.

Supported Star Micronics Portable Printers Include:
- SM-S200: Bluetooth
- SM-S210I: Bluetooth
- SM-S220I: Bluetooth
- SM-S230I: Bluetooth
- SM-L200: Bluetooth
- SM-S300: Bluetooth
- SM-S400: Bluetooth
- SM-T300I: Bluetooth
- SM-T300: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
- SM-T400I: Bluetooth

Supported Star Micronics Other Products Include:
- SAC10 (DK-AirCash): Ethernet, Bluetooth
Note: Default password for open cash drawer is 1234.

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Star Micronics is a leading manufacturer of small printers providing robust solutions for a broad spectrum of applications including retail, hospitality, medical, kiosk, gaming, and ticketing. We offer the highest quality of integration and post-sale support with best in breed POS printer SDKs and acclaimed customer support service free of charge. We have a global presence and are constantly engaging in the markets we proudly serve.

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