This is a brand new format for teaching programming. With StartJava you can start a lesson on a particular problem and you can compile and run that written at any given time.

Training takes place in some steps, at each new step are makes the minimum change in the program for the approximation to the lessons target. Thus easier to trace the program logic from start to finish and do not miss out on some small but very significant detail.

The program can also be of interest to developers who do not mind to share experiences. The fact is that with the help of a special program (which available on the official website of the program, anyone can write your own lesson StartJava.

The program is free, but with the ads. Advertising makes it possible to develop the project further, so treat to it tolerantly, please. Advertising model allows you to receive the income of the project is not only to authors of the application, but also to the authors of the lessons for him too. The fact that the user sees two banner. The first - advertising by program, and the second - provides by author of the lesson. So it is not only stimulates the development of the program, but help to creation a more high-quality, interesting and varied lessons.

You can send your lessons for StartJava on your native language to This lessons can be included to new versions of program or links to your lessons can be placed on the program official page.

Learn Programming is easy, good luck to you.

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