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Statistics Calculator

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Statistics Calculator is a fully featured calculator which provides calculation in the area of Statistics. Calculate various properties of Statistics related values using this simple utility tool.

Statistics Calculator includes the following features:
1)Mean, Median, Mode
2)Standard Deviation Calculation
3)Geometric Mean Calculator
4)Grouped Data Arithmetic Mean
5)Class Interval Arithmetic Mean
6)Root Mean Square
7)Correlation Co-efficient
8)Regression Calculator
9)Harmonic Mean Math
11)Standard Error calculator
12)Coefficient of variance calculator
13)Weighted mean calculator
14)Permutation and Combination
16)Normal Distribution
17)Normal Distribution(PDF)
18)Binomial Distribution
19)Negative Binomial Distribution
20)Poisson Distribution
21)Hypergeometric Distribution
22)Percent error
23)Skewness calculator
24)Traffic Growth Calculator
25)Vowels Rearrangement Calculator
26)Percentage (%) To GPA Conversion Calculator
27)Five Number Summary Calculator
28)F-Test Calculator
29)Vector Cross Product
30)Skewness Coefficient Calculator
31)Population Confidence Interval
32)Confidence Limits Mean
33)Confidence Interval Variance
34)Altman Z Score Calculator
35)Z Score Standard Calculator
36)Z Test Statistics Calculator
37)Mean Absolute Deviation Calculator
38)Percentile Rank Calculator
39)Critical T-Distribution
40)F-Test Probability Value
41)Probability Value for Z-Score
42)Probability Value for T-Test
43)Counting Permutations With Repetition
44)Counting Combinations With Repetition
45)Hypothesis Test for Population Mean
46)Cumulative Sum Calculator
47)Mid and Semi Quartiles Calculator
48)Percentile to Z-Score
49)Exponential Distribution
50)Chi-Squared Table
51)F-Test Table
52)T-Distribution Table
53)Negative Z-Score Chart
54)Positive Z-Score Chart
55)Empirical Rule calculator
56)Inter Quartile Calculator
57)R-Squared calculator
58)Sample Size Calculator
59)Ucas Tariff Points Calculator
60)GPA Calculator
61)Bessel Functions
62)Beta Function
63)Incomplete Beta Function
64)Gamma Function
65)Incomplete Gamma Function
66)Frequency Distribution
67)Cumulative / Relative Frequency Distribution
68)Gaussian Error Function (erf)
69)Weibull Probability Distribution
70)Bessel Integrals Calculator
71)Beta Function for Probability Density Calculator
72)Digamma Function
73)Hankel Function
74)Riccati Bessel Function
75)Spherical Bessel Function
76)Spherical Hankel Function
77)Autocorrelation Calculator
78)Ellipticgamma Function Calculator
79)Loggamma Function Calculator
80)Reciprocalgamma Function Calculator
81)Mean Squared Error Calculator
82)Venn diagram and probability
83)Effect Size, Cohen d Calculator for T Test
84)Hypothesis Test for Population Variance
85)Effect Size Calculator
86)Mann Whitney U / Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test
87)Chi Squared Goodness of Fit Test Calculation
88)One Way ANOVA Matrix
89)Harmonic mean frequency
90)Post Test Probability
91)Probability Tree Calculator

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Comments and ratings for Statistics Calculator
  • (59 stars)

    by Rabin Saha on 21/06/2014

    ★ please make the dialpad only "numerical" enter the values fast!! ★ please add graphical representation of Regrassion & other equation etc..... ★ remove the ads...

  • (59 stars)

    by Di Palmer on 25/02/2014

    Might be okay if it wasn't for the annoying "you may have a virus" advert.

  • (59 stars)

    by Shannon LeDroux on 12/02/2014

    It was missing z score abd many other standard scores found in other stat apps. Perhaps it was built into the app and I just couldn't find it, which would be a separate issue altogether.

  • (59 stars)

    by khanthong phonsawath on 28/01/2014

    good app

  • (59 stars)

    by Jehanzeb Memon on 19/01/2014


  • (59 stars)

    by Sanford Arbogast on 16/01/2014

    I just went to try calculating mean median and mode and tells you to enter data separated by a semicolon WTF !!! Use a comma or space, I don't want to have to switch keyboard screens arery couple of seconds.

  • (59 stars)

    by Chet Horm on 30/11/2013

    I like this app It free and make me easy to learn statistics. Thanks for this app