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Can be confusing because it translated in Google Translate.

The icon displayed in the calendar for today in the status bar.

By setting the automatic startup, will launch automatically when you start the terminal.

You can view the plan in sync with the Google calendar, registration.
(Synchronization is required for terminal settings. By the terminal will take some time to update.)

Once you have registered multiple accounts of Google Calendar, you can view the plans on a per-account basis.
(Might not be able to select more than one depending on the version of Android.Is currently under investigation.)
We believe, but now has become our only plan to display their own, I want to like everything that can be displayed in the next update.

By registering you will be notified of the Google calendar reminder, when the set time arrives.

how to operate (For a description of the screen)

Has been translated into English by Google Translate
Please acknowledge it may be hard to understand

■ How to screen
Issue the notification area and slide it under the status bar.
Tap the setting of "Status Calendar Setting" in the field running.
Alternatively, you can boot from the drawer or shortcut you created on the screen.

■ start and end of service
You can change the state of the service when you tap the button "start" or "end" in the initial screen.
Calendar display will disappear when you exit. (Display will disappear in the notification area)
If you want to see again, please boot from the drawer or shortcut.

■ select the account
You can choose a Google Account that is registered with the mobile phone.
To view the plans that are registered in the Google calendar for the selected account.
Switches to the plan of account you chose to change the account.
To synchronize with Google Calendar, please like to synchronize the calendar to each account in each of the mobile setting.
As a precaution, please put also put a check also automatic synchronization.

■ Refresh
Synchronize Google Calendar and at that point when you tap the "Refresh" button.
Please use if for example, if you are long in the refresh interval in the setting of options, you want to synchronize immediately.

■ New registration
The "New" button to sign up for the Google calendar for the selected account.
You interact with the importance of "Jorte" for important.
When you select the notification, you will be notified prior to the start date and time.

■ Editing the plan
You can edit the plan to tap the appointment you want to edit.
Or if you tap the update after you change, delete, please tap Delete.

■ Options
You can change the option and pressing the menu key on the terminal (screen with start and stop button) on the first screen.

●Auto Start Settings
Worthwhile to put a check to "Auto Start Setting", will launch automatically when you start the terminal.

●Display Settings
Displays the schedule of all accounts and put a check to "Display all accounts".
Will appear in the My account is unchecked.

●Shared Schedule Settings
Displays the schedule of all accounts and put a check to display all accounts.
Will appear in the My account is unchecked.

●Update interval Settings
You can change the "Update interval Setting" for the Google calendar and plan to change the update interval.
In addition, the calendar date changes in this update interval when the date has changed.
I think it is possible to suppress the consumption of the battery and to increase the update interval.

The initial value is auto-start, you have 5 minutes to set the update interval.

Calendar day of the week to add the status bar.

A fixed frame display advertising not to press by mistake.

Change color to reflect the character of the plan the color of the Google Calendar.

Improved display speed of the initial screen.
Change the display order of the spinner select the account.
Change the display order of the appointment.

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