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History test is a powerful application designed for all those who have affontare history test for various reasons.
Magnifa with this application is like having a history book and summarized in a digital format.
With History Test will have a tremendous help in 'various situations.
But what I find in History Test?
Test in History you will find: From 1400 to 1600, from 1700 to 1800, First World War, Fascism, Nazism and World War II.

What are the advantages?
With History Test You are no longer 'waste time searching the Internet, and the fear of not finding anything.

How do you use?

Just type in 'special areas:
From 1600 to 1700, if you want information about that historical period.
From 1700 to 1800, if you want information about that historical period.
World War I;
Second World War, these are the keywords to be included in the search box, Nb: keywords must be inserted at the beginning with a capital letter for example: Fascism and Fascism.

Ps: to use the application you must have an account with Google Gmail is completely free.

The launch price is offered for the first 2 months.

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