Strong Box, encrypt all data



Encryption software professional.

Strongbox encrypts all your data on your mobile (tablet / phone): Loyalty cards, Credit cards, pin#, pictures, videos, password, voice memo, iban, notes, pdf, excel, word, .... more and more !

Strongbox testing is believing and you will understand why Strongbox is the best encryption software on Android.
All integrated!

√ Easy to use
√ Uses RC5 encryption algorithm with 128-bit PBE
√ 2 types of possible access keys (swipe pad or numeric pad)
√ Allows you to store and encrypt any type of document:
* pictures: Save a picture or take a photo directly from the application.
* Video: Save a video or take a video directly from the application.
* A key / value: Store your internet or your email accounts
* Rib / Iban: Store your credit card information, making it easy transfers
* Note: Store text, an idea or information, contact ...
* Credit card: Memorize your credit card information totally secure.
* Website: Remember login information to web sites and easy access through a link, a notification and the Clipboard
* All files: pdf, doc, excel or any other file. Strong box running the application to view the file automatically
* Encrypt an audio message (voice memo)
√ Copy your confidential information in the notification bar and in the clipboard to facilitate paste into other applications (eg Internet)
√ Reset strong box
√ French and English from the same application
√ Context sensitive help message for an easy start
√ Follow the wizard to configure your Strong Box!
√ Export files
√ Backup and restore database
√ Comment field on all cards
√ Managing favorites
√ Backup reminders
√ Modify / delete a category
√ embedded video player
√ embedded picture viewer(zoom, scroll)
√ current mode most visible (create mode, update mode, display mode)
√ Logs

No information is transmitted over the network (except for your bank account on your request).

Why these permissions on your mobile?
- Read Contacts: To provide you with a recipient to send your bank account
- Send SMS: Send SMS your RIB
- Audio Recording: You can record a message and encrypt audio
- Writing to SD card: Allows you to store your data and backups

For all questions, problems or suggestions thank you to send an email to:

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