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    Are you a Magician, a Druid or a Summoner (or similar) in PFRPG? STOP with handbook consultation while using "summon Monster" or "summon Nature's Ally" spells! This application will allow you to use those spells WITHOUT handbooks. ALL you need is here, and it do not needs internet connection!

    This Application will help you managing summoned monsters. ALL summonable monster (Based on OGL terms) are selectable in this application.
    You will have a complete sheet for those monster, and you will be able to interact with her! Don't forget to vote and leave a review! I live with your review, Thanks!

    PFRPG stands for PF Role Playing Game, the fantasy RPG by Paizo Publishing.

    * Augment Summoning
    * Celestial and Fiendish
    * Manage up to 5 creatures at time
    * Ac, touch, flat-footed
    * Spell Resistance, Damage resistance
    * Fortitude, Reflex, Will
    * Combat maneuver bonus (CMB), combat maneuver defense (CMD)
    * Hit dice, Bonus Attack Base, Hit points
    * Alignment, subtype
    * Ability Scores
    * Attacks and roll attack and damage, Special Attack
    * Spells, Skills, Feats, Special Qualities, Defensive Abilities, Senses, Speed

    Changelog 1.6.08
    • Bugfixes

    Changelog 1.6.5
    Please, if you still have problems, contact me at
    I can't reproduce this issue.
    • Database Bugfix.

    Changelog 1.6.4
    * Cleanup of code
    * Added optionally "Collect usage statistic"
    * minor bugfix

    Changelog 1.6.2
    • Added support for report database error
    • Minor bugfix

    Changelog 1.6.1
    • Various Bugfix
    • Maybe, Database exception resolved :)

    Changelog 1.6.0
    • New Theme, more readable
    • Now manage Critical Hit
    • Added Round counter
    • Added An option to set the number of summoned monsters
    • Added the details on Smite Evil/Good (attack bonus and damage bonus) under other details on the attack
    • Various Bugfix

    Changelog 1.5.3

    *Various bugfix and adjustment.

    Changelog 1.5.2

    *Added BAB
    * HP Bugfix

    Changelog 1.5.0

    * New Interface more comfortable for Tablet/Honeycomb
    * New Interface for smartphone
    * Added HD
    * Move to SD Card
    * Various BugFix
    * Code Clean up

    Changelog 1.2.0

    * Now report HD and Cha bonus in Smite Evil/Good
    * Size installation Reduced

    Changelog 1.1.1

    *Critical bugfix (proguard)

    Changelog 1.1.0
    * Fixed Stirge
    * Add LVL to Reduce App size
    * Improved Support for HoneyComb

    Changelog 1.0.6

    * Fixed fortitude, now change in according to Augment Summoning
    * Fixed More Activity
    * Fixed Bulette crash;

    ChangeLog 1.0.5

    * Fixed Electric Eel and Mite crash;
    * Fixed template issue
    * Now DC constitution-based, like poison, change in according to Augment summoning
    * Now cmd bonus and cmb bonus changes in according to Augment Summoning
    * Now bonus damage like "1d6 cold bonus" in ice devil is considered in Roll Attack.
    * Improved UI

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