Super Awesome Flashlight



Super Awesome Flashlight will turn your Android Devices into a Useful Super Bright Lighting Device. Use you device as a torch light with Super Awesome Flashlight App.

Save Battery by turning the Super Bright Light ON and OFF with a button.

Save Battery as well by setting the Screen brightness to minimum when not needed.

How to use the App:

1. Open the App.
2. The App will start with the Camera Flash ON and the Screen Brightness set to maximum.
3. Turn ON/OFF the Camera flash / Torch Light by pressing the flashlight icon button.
4. To save battery, you can adjust the Screen Brightness if you plan to use just the Camera Flash as light. You can do this by moving the slider visible at the bottom.


★ Very Easy to use
★ Have your Super Bright flashlight LED turned on
★ Have your screen in brightest as your flashlight app start
★Turn off the LED light and just use the white screen brightness as flashlight to be discreet
★ Maximum Screen Brightness available
★ LED Camera Flash as Torch Light / Flash Light
★ Adjust Screen Brightness to minimum if preferred to use LED Camera Flash as light to save battery
★ On/Off Button for LED Camera to save battery when not needed
★ Simple User-Interface

Tested Devices:
LG Nexus 4
Motorola Xoom 10.1
Samsung Galaxy Note II
Samsung Galaxy S III

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