Super-Bright Flashlight FREE




    Unlock your phone's true brightness with the Super-Bright Flashlight app for Android mobile devices.

    It's a free LED flashlight widget and app, all-in-one.

    Don't have a camera flash on your phone? No problem. The Super-Bright Screen Glow option illuminates your entire screen.

    • Flashlight widget mode
    • Large, rich graphics
    • Eye-catching design
    • Fast flashlight access
    • Smooth button functionality
    • Maximum LED flash brightness
    • Access screen glow and backlight (LED alternative)
    • Flashing light fun with an adjustable speed strobe mode
    • Simple on/off button keeps you in control
    • It's FREE!

    Need a helpful tool for hunting lost objects? Try this torch app. Or, use it as an entertaining gadget while hanging out with friends.

    This flashlight app improves visibility in dark or hard to reach areas, with or without an LED camera flash source. The power of your phone’s back-light can be a great alternative flashlight.

    Get multiple flashlight features in one simple app. Download Super-Bright Flashlight now!

    Remember to handle the strobe functionality and flashlight with care. Holding bright lights too close to the eyes may cause retinal irritation. Strobe lighting effects may trigger seizures for children and adults with photosensitive epilepsy. Exercise caution.

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