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Introducing LED Flashlight X with Android Wear support

“Smooth as silk animations” - Five Star Rating

LED Flashlight X offers, simplicity and utility wrapped into a beautiful user experience from end to end.

Experience our animations Today!

It's coolest features:

Camera Preview – See through your camera for tough to reach places!
We use the Camera flash and the camera to help you see places where your head does't go so nicely

Android Wear App

Flashlight Strobe

Flashlight sound reactivity with dynamic sensitivity
Great for music!

Minimalist, Fluid and fully animated UI

Every UI element changes color with a change in theme – Including those added with the Extended, and Windos packages

Auto-Start on app entry

18 Flashlight home screen and lock screen Widgets

Theme randomizer on App Start

How to Use

What sets LED Flashlight X apart is its unique function being brought together with a truly inspired user experience. It's theme is centered around the inside of an LED, and the way the diode is structured. Toggling the Flashlight is as simple as tapping the screen, upon which you will be graced with this immersion into any of 9 colors backed by one of 3 backgrounds.

Its Floating Action button lets us maintain our super clean UI. On Click, Four options become visible, Flashos, Windos, Themos and Settings.

Settings – Taking the place of the plus, the Settings menu has over 300 combinations to make Material Flashlight X as individual as you.

Flashos – Animates up the strobe and sound reaction part of LED Flashlight X

Windos – Quick access to the view from the camera with LED Illumination toggle immediately at hand

Themos – Gives access to the Plus package, the Theme engine of LED Flashlight X

More Info

LED Flashlight X is compatible with devices running 4.0 or Higher, and is designed for 4.4+ devices and Android Marshmallow 6.0

Material Flashlight X is designed for Nexus 6P class devices –1440p UHD displays with, Snapdragon 820 Soc, with support of a slew of other devices. Testing has been conducted on Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Korean translation by Des Franco
Spanish translation by Alvaro Martinez

Contact Enzonium Mobile if there's anything we can do to make a better flashlight not just for you, but for the android community as a whole.

Material Flashlight X is in development, so we respond to emails very rapidly.

We thank you for choosing Material Flashlight X!

Widget background imagery by Kovdev

We've tried to take something mundane, like a flashlight, and create something truly spectacular. A minimalist flashlight interface, with best in class performance and functionality. LED Flashlight X is our answer to uninspired core experience apps. Over the last year we've brought this application into the new age of brilliant design. Striking colors. Awe inspiring animations. And a fun user experience that delights us every day.

We hope you Enjoy!

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