Super Calc



A simple easy to use scientific calculator with permanent log and converter functionality. Supports radian, gradian and degree operation. It also supports all types of scientific, engineering and fixed notations.

A simple main screen with only the numbers and the arithmetic operators for easy usage, and the scientific functionalities can be reached by sliding left to the next screen.


. Flip to the left to see the advanced operation buttons.
. Long click on buttons to make them function as if shift was engaged.
. Flip right on the screen for 'clear' function.
. Long Click on the clear button will clear all.
. Press equal-to-button for saving the calculation to a permanent log.
. Long click on the screen to see the converter and clipboard.
. Convertor also accessible through menu.
. Click menu to see options to disable vibration.
. Ability to use the expression or answer from the log or e-mail the calculation.

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