Super Fast Internet

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    If you are tired of your slow internet speed and want all new and fast internet, Fast Internet is the solution of your problem.
    This Internet connection accelerator speeds up downloading and Web surfing, yet constantly needs restarting. Fast Internet's well-designed interface features a wizard and offers a useful guide to getting started. You'll be able to manually configure your connection settings, or you can use the Quick Setup wizard, which offers preset optimization strategies you can readily employ. Also, Fast Internet lets you save modifications, maximize DNS, and revert to your android's default settings. In our tests, the application did indeed sped up Internet surfing. Our only complaint with the program is that users have to reboot every time they change or apply new connection settings, but most Internet accelerators work the same way. Overall, system administrators, gamers, and other power users will appreciate what Fast Internet brings to the table.

    Note: This app may or may not perform depending on your network settings. Reboot
    your device after applying settings.

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