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SuperSU is a superuser access management tool [ROOT]

  • Intuitive UI
  • Range of features
  • Logging
  • Nothing special

"That isn't a bird, that's a superuser"

Root... that magic word. Being root is nothing but having superuser access to your device. The range of actions you can perform with such administrator permissions is just huge and this isn't the place where to list all of them. However, one of the best way of making the most of it is by using a comprehensive app like SuperSU.

It's basically divided in three categories: apps, logs and settings. From apps you can view those apps that you have granted SU permissions, forget them, set notifications and manage logging (Pro only) and force user (Pro only). From logs you can check out the history usage of SU permissions. From settings, a wide range of features can be managed: temporary unroot, re-authentication, ghost mode, clear logs, launcher icon, theme, logging and default access. It allows even unroot your device if needed.

Set in a quite intuitive UI, SuperSU offers those basic tools that an advanced Android user need. If you need something else that what you SU app manager allows you to do, maybe it's time to switch to ChainFire's option.

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Feb 13, 2013

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