Survey Compass AR



Survey Compass can be used as a simple compass in your pocket or use the augmented reality view to determine the bearing and elevation of objects in the distance.

Great for map readers as it allows you to view the compass directly on top of a map through the phone’s camera.

Survey Compass AR has three modes:
- "Ruler mode" shows North, South, East, and West, as well as orientation markings directly on the camera view
- "Grid mode" shows a grid overlaid on the camera view with orientation and elevation markings
- "Classic mode" shows a 3D classic compass

Note that this app relies on the magnetometer of your mobile device so accuracy may vary. Also, please check that your device isn’t being affected by a magnetic field. There is advice on calibrating your device within the app.

This app is supported by adverts, which is why it requires the “INTERNET” and “ACCESS NETWORK STATE” permissions.

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