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1.Solve the bug that openning swf&flv player may crash。
2.Add an splashview.
3.Remove all banner ad

Intelligent Swf@Flv Player is a new developed flash Player, the software use own research and development of the falsh engine, the function is strong, it can run in android 1.6+, android unprecedented creation, for android all users lead to strong flash experience. The built-in strong and concise file manager, user-friendly management files, less memory, is a versatile software, moreover, swfplayer is rich in function, the development team is also update to enrich and perfect the function of the swfplay and flvplay.

For example:and the screen gestures tensile, play lists, flash game buttons, even the SWF are set to a dynamic wallpaper are being developed all, hurry up to download it

Flv Player Feature:
*Playback progress bar, and free to adjust the playback progress
*Brightness settings
*Volume setting
*Stop & Pause

Swf PlayerFeature:
*Brightness settings
*Volume setting
*Stop & Pause
*Quality Setting (Setting image quality can help to improve the SWF playback speed)

(the player you choose FW Engine only support flash 9,10 But it can run in 1.6+, before using, please recognize that the format of the SWF, thank you)

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