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    Note: This is a proof of concept version of Switcher, and is for all intents and purposes a pre-alpha version. At the end of the testing period this app will be available as a completed version under another listing. Everything in this app is subject to change (and at this point, probably will). I take no responsibility for any issues this app may cause. Treat it as a tech demo.

    About Switcher
    Switcher is an app designed to rapidly switch between apps on Android via simple gestures. Swiping up from either side adds the current foreground app to Switcher. Swiping down from either side removes the current foreground app from Switcher.

    Swiping across will switch between the apps you've added to Switcher.

    About the concept
    This app was created to solve the problem of quickly moving between apps when studying on the train. I wanted to quickly move from my PDF notes to the web browser without going through clumsy task switchers or using home/back.

    This project was my contribution to Android Global DevCamp 2012.

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