System Info / Benchmark



"When did manufacturer/provider of my device last update OS of my device?"
"Is battery in good shape?"
"How many packages are installed on my device?"
"How fast is my device?"
"What sensors are present on my device?"

These questions(and many others) will be answered to you by this app!

This app will help you know better your device, by providing you useful system information and perfoming a system speed test.
It's composed of 2 parts, System Info and Speed Test.

[System Info]
Provides device info -in sections- about:
Device, screen, memory, processor, build, internet, battery, storage, up time, sensors, gps, gsm, camera, features, country, system.
A more detailed or advanced option is available for the most of the above sections.

[Speed Test]
This is a 3 steps system benchmark, processor, graphics and storage. It will take you about one minute. You may view your device's performance compared to other phones - tablets in a graphical way.

- Permissions are needed to access system info.
- Info in some sections may depend on device/Android version.

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